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Managed IT Services

Artificial Intelligence

A process transformation is no longer a choice as per the current business scenario.

When considering the revenue challenges and a directive for retaining operating margins, various service providers are typically forced to revise their IT schemes. The operational costs can be significantly cut down by following a managed IT service approach. It is defined as the transferring of routine IT operational activities to a strategy, which in turn results in achieving better efficiency in operations at the least cost.

We ensure that application uptime along with the server security is covered in addition to the server health. We at Urolime follow best practices that save time and money. Our managed IT experts work towards 100% uptime of your servers and services.Being one of the leading 24/7 server support companies in India.

Application Support and Maintenance

IventureWeb maintenance and application support include improvements, transition, ITIL services, Knowledge transfer, L1, L2 and L3 support, monitoring, 24*7 support etc. We provide support services and end to end application maintenance for custom applications and platform-based solutions.

App Main

Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence

Our Managed IT Services helps you sustain higher service standards both day in and day out while you focus on your client. With the rapid advance in contact centre technology, contact centres find it difficult to support the environment and monitor the workforce mainly due to challenges such as insufficient resources and handling costs and complexities.

IventureWeb managed IT services & support includes:

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