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Dedicated IT Team and IT consulting services

iVentureWeb is the favored Offshore Dedicated IT Partner for globally Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs), IT support companies, Data Center and Hosting Companies, Cloud service providers and IT Solutions & Software Development companies. We work with the above said partner companies to help them in building a Dedicated IT Team for their IT operations. Our project managers will closely analyze how the projects are executed by the team, identify the gap and prepare training if necessary. Our entire dedicated team has proven to be a valuable partner over the last four years.The engineers, testers and project managers bring a level of technical expertise,enthusiasm and a desire to deliver results that are second to none

The iVentureWeb Advantage

Reduced IT Operational costs

Improved Visibility and Clarity

Increased Return of Investment

Increase in Team Cohesion

Advantage of High availability

Total Control and Transparency

Building a dedicated team at iVentureWeb Technologies

Looking for a dedicated offshore team for IT support? Then iVentureWeb is the perfect partner to help you with a dedicated team for extended IT support. We believe transparency as the key to best customer service; IventureWeb is your transparent support partner who delivers the quality you demand!

Knowledge of Your Organization

Our dedicated IT team aligns their workflow to match your needs and is keen to study your specific requirements, enabling us to quickly study understand your business goals and vision.

Fast Team Formation

Our team has a sound knowledge and experience in different verticals and they are distributed across different projects. This enables a fast team formation to allocate on projects of varying needs and are constantly available for redeployment.

Dedicated Manager

Your project will be assigned a dedicated manager who will work with you to understand your requirements and goals. Based on the skillset required for your project, he will build a dedicated IT team.

Long-Term Relationship

We undertake projects for long term, and hence we have long-term relationships with clients across the globe. Our team has proven history of long term relationships with clients.

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