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Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

How IoT works 

  • Sensors: Monitor things like temperature, motion, and other changes in the environment.
  • Actuators: Receive signals from sensors and respond to those changes.
  • Cloud: Receives data from sensors and devices. Software processes the data and may take action, such as sending an alert or adjusting the sensors or devices.

Applications of IoT 

  • Patient treatment: IoT systems can help with patient treatment, detecting medical priorities, and supporting medical staff.
  • Hospital maintenance: IoT systems can help with the maintenance of medical devices.
  • Smart cities: IoT systems can collect data on infrastructure needs, transportation requirements, crime, and safety.
  • Big data analytics: IoT systems generate large amounts of data that companies can analyze.

History of IoT 

  • The term "Internet of Things" was coined in 1999 by computer scientist Kevin Ashton.
  • Ashton proposed putting radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips on products to track them through a supply chain.
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